2015 Folsom Fiesta

May 2nd was “The Finale” for our Folsom Fiesta State Day. It was a bitter sweet day, ending a 30-year workshop. The project was a room box with the “Merry Christmas” theme that Ethel Anderson had chosen before her passing in January 2015.

We were able to set up our festive holiday room on Friday night so it wasn’t such an early start for us on Saturday.

When we arrived and opened the doors the day of the workshop, it was like Alaska inside the room. Seems we were in the holiday spirit not only in mind but body.

The night before we were told someone had turned all 4 of the air conditioner controls to 47 degrees. When participants arrived for the workshop we got warmed up with smiles and hugs. We had a wonderful day.

laurie-parker-xmas-room laurie-parker-xmas-room2 laurie-parker-xmas-shopChristmas Shop by Lagena Chrisman.

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