MiniCals Workshop: Build a lemonade stand and dress a child vendor

To start the 2016 New Year, Mini Cals hosted a January 16th workshop, “Build a lemonade stand and dress a child vendor”.

Participants were supplied with a wooden base, landscaping grass, parts for a lemonade stand, frames and signage, parts for a paper banner, pitcher and tall glasses along with lemon slices, a red toy wagon, a choice of a boy or girl doll to dress, doll dress fabrics and trims, laser cut crate box parts with lemon crate signage, and, of course, miniature lemons.

Karen Laisure provided a custom made wood stain for the base and stand parts. The stain enhanced the wood grain and gave it an aged appearance. A soft cream acrylic was dry brushed over the stained wood for definition and contrast. The lemonade pitcher and glasses were filled with a clear acrylic glaze to which a drop of yellow paint had been added. Miniature lemon slices were glued to the glass rims for decoration and a slice placed into the half full pitcher of lemonade. Patterns to dress the child vendors were used to cut a variety of dresses, pants, and tops. The crate was assembled and the signage glued to the sides. Foam core was cut,sized,and glued inside the crate. The crate was finished by adding a layer of paper hay and a pile of loose lemons to the open top.

Once all the parts were completed, the final staging was easy. The lemonade stand was open for business! Lemonade anyone?

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