Hall of Fame Awards


Please help us to recognize people who give of their time and energy in support of our region. There are six categories for nominations (explained below).

Due dates:
March 15 – Regional Ambassador
June 15 – Hall of Fame


It has been understood that the nominees should not be currently serving as RC or State Rep at the time of nomination.

  1. Regional Ambassador – This is a NAME award, not a regional award but must come from the region. In 2002, the Regional Ambassador Award was established by the NAME Board of Trustees. This award is chosen by the Regional Coordinator and State Reps to honor a member of the region who has been significant in promoting NAME and the miniature hobby within their region. ANY member may nominate another member for the Regional Ambassador. The nominee should exemplify the motto “Only through sharing” and should be an outspoken advocate for NAME. All of the Regional Ambassador Awards are presented at the NAME National Convention each year, and one recipient is chosen from among the others to receive the President’s Award. The President’s Award is given to the Regional Ambassador that the President of the Board and Committee have determined to have made the most significant contribution to NAME through promotion and advocacy.
  2. N2 Hall of Fame – Given to those individuals who have shown commitment and dedication to the sharing and promotion of miniatures and to Region N2 year after year.
  3. Club of The Year – Awarded to the Club that best exemplifies the spirit of “only through sharing…” It may be a club that is still going strong after 20 years, or one that exhibits frequently at special events or even one that has made a charitable contribution of time or money during the last year or so.
  4. Youth Mentor – An individual (or more) that has been involved in teaching children and youth beyond the call of duty in order to promote miniatures.
  5. Rising Star – Awarded to a person or persons who have shown an extraordinary talent in miniature making and demonstrated great efforts to share their talents with others. Recipient may not be a recognized artisan in another artist guild, such as IGMA, etc.
  6. Helping Hands – Up to five members will be recognized for this award. Awarded to people who consistently go above and beyond the call of duty for N2. These are the people who volunteer for State Day committees, Houseparty committees, never miss a meeting or a deadline, who serve as club officers, and so forth.


N2 Past Regional Ambassadors
2020 Laura Johnson
Carol Kubrican
 Ruth Heisch
2015 no nominations
Connie Younker
2013 Karen Sesody
2012 Karen Laisure
2011 Leslie Swager
2010 Cary Yerves
2009 Eve Karoblis-Mabe
2008 Joanne Grundhofer
2007 Joan McLean
2006 Barbara Thornton-Hill; Also received the President’s Award
2005 Helen Johnson
2004 Velma Springer
2003 Barbara Jones
2002 Robin Rose
2001 Joanne Grundhofer

N2 Past Hall of Fame
2014 NO Nominations
2013 Margaret Gordus
2012 Karen Sandvick
2011 Barbara Thornton-Hill
2010 Jack Rainy
2009 Jan Castello, Cary Yerves
2008 Barbara Jones, Robin Rose
2007 Wini Buss, Mary Fish, Diane Walter
2006 Carol Blake, Jeff Packard, Velma Springer
2005 Pat Carter, Barbara Fairbanks, Suzanne Rogers, Kayanne Yung
2004 Donna Bahls, Lynn Hamel, Marge Peila, Ken Stanford
2003 Sally Dohrman (Posthumously), Laurel Gross
2002 Virginia Hecox, Elaine Falkner
2001 Ethel Anderson, Mel Profio, Norma Buck, Barbara Taplin, Helen Johnson, Debbie Young

N2 Past Clubs of the Year
2014 NO Nominations
2013 Mini-Cals
2012 None
2011 Redwood Small World club
2010 Mini Dreamers of Pinole
2009 Tahoe Miniacs
2008 Our Little Mini Club of Chico/Paradise
2007 Gold Country Miniature Society
2006 Redwood Small World
2005 Mini Wizards
2004 South Bay Munchkins, The General Store Club
2003 May Day Minis
2002 Redwood Empire Mini-Acs
2001 Mini Dreamers of Pinole

N2 Past Youth Mentors
2014 NO Nominations
2013 NO Nominations
2013 Chris Cordner
2012 Erin Packard
2011 NO Nominations
2010 Liz Driver
2009 Jan Henderson
2008 Mary Ann VanBuskirk, Linda VanBuskirk
2007 NO Nominations
2006 Ruth Heisch, Diane Piziali
2005 Trish Billard, Phyllis Hedman
2004 NO Nominations
2003 NO Nominations
2002 Annie Hedman
2001 Phyllis Jones

N2 Past Rising Stars
2014 NO Nominations
2013 Chris Cordner
2012 Judy Pick & Jane Sindorf
2011 NO Nominations
2010 Billie Rounavaara
2009 NO Nominations
2008 NO Nominations
2007 Dawn Cecil, Lynn Dirga
2006 Ellie Lightfoot
2005 Carolyn Walden, Nancy Wantiez

N2 Past Helping Hands
2013 Anne Conly, Chris Torres, Jackie Rich, Joyce Watanabe, Darwin Spring
2012 JoAnn Jacot, Vigie MacLean, Kathy Pedroni
2011 Pat Carter
2010 Pat Carter
2009 Sharon Spencer, Kayanne Yung, Carol Menge-Guimond
2007 Jack McLean, Kay Loudon, Margaret Gordus, Barbara Taplin, Pattie Hong, Pat Atkinson (Posthumously)
2006 Carol Carton, K. C. Ragland, Laurel Gross, Mavis Wictum, Ruth Mazur, Debbie Young
2005 Glendon Davis Kaylene Thurston, Janet Oliver, Linda VanBuskirk, Denise Sanders, Kim Walter, Janet Smith, Tricia Weber, Jerry Spradlin
2004 Barbara Fairbanks, Judy Andre, Helen Johnson, Ann Walker, Kayanne Yung
2003 (Because this was the first year of this award, more people were recognized than is normal) Dena Avila, Joan Ercolini, Donna Bahl, Lynn Hamel, Trish Billar, Phyllis Hedman, Carol Blake, Barbara Jones, Arlynn Buder, Betty Lindvig, Wini Bus, Lisa Panken, Karen Cary, Marge Peila, Lagena Chrisman, Pauline Pire, Jeanne Christoferson, Suzanne Rogers, Frank Davis, Karen Sandvick, Sylvia Davis, Joanne Schaefer, Donna Entrican, Pat Townsend, Barbara Fairbanks, Diane Walter