Photos from MiniCals Workshop: 1/4 scale ski lodge

On Saturday, April 23, 2016, MiniCals hosted a 1/4 scale ski lodge workshop, Part 1 of 2, at M & L Precision in Morgan Hill, CA. For Part 1 participants built, electrified, and chose their interior wall treatments.

M & L Precision, courtesy of Karen and Mark Laisure, is ideal for hosting the MiniCal workshops. The atmosphere for the MiniCals workshops is so conducive to working on miniatures that inevitably miniaturists come just to finish other projects, socialize and share. Lunch time drawings are always exciting. The small drawing gifts are wonderful artisan quality items donated by generous individuals. Mini table sales throughout the day are always welcome.

The Ski Lodge – Part 2 will be held on Saturday, May 21 at the same location. Participants will furnish their projects with laser cut pieces.

Click on the photos to view them larger.



Diane Phillips and Lynn Miller…”I think this goes here…”


Beth Newick and Judy Pick working on their ski lodges.


Gerry Silberstein working on her ski lodge.


Marge Milani


Meg Milani working on her ski lodge.



Dale Burgei (grandson) and Carol Walls working on their ski lodges.


Pat Iannucci and Sue Sterling working on their ski lodges.

Lisa panken

Lisa Panken working on assembling her ski lodge


Betty Jang, Liz Gerat Carpenter and Nancy Wantiez socializing.

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