Through sharing…

The miniature community helps friends affected by the Camp Fire

We’ll remember the images on TV— traffic jams of blackened, steel boxes—remnants of cars that were left behind just moments before being consumed by the fire. We’ll remember the stories of people leaving everything—their homes, businesses, pets—to escape with their lives; and hoping that their loved ones were safe. As shocking as these images and stories were, the personal impact wasn’t felt until I received an email from one of the members of “Our Little Mini Club” in Paradise, California: “Hi. We have lost our home from the fire! All area mostly RED… 6 of us have Lost Our Homes!”

Along with many others, I felt powerless to help our mini friends. But as a community, we could make a difference.

There are 2 words in the NAME mission statement that I believe apply to more than just our experience with miniatures. These two words are, “through sharing.” It is, without a doubt, how we were able to help our friends —through the sharing of time, donations, and talents.

While the fires burned on, miniaturists in the N-2 region (Northern CA and Northern NV) were exchanging emails and phone calls. The miniature community rallied together to collect gift cards, personal notes, etc. The Sacramento and San Jose clubs organized mini play days. Benicia area miniaturists took part in a workshop taught and donated by Carol Kubrican. The Reno, Nevada area miniaturists collected gift cards for the Paradise club members.


Benicia area miniaturists work on their Friendship Hutches during the workshop taught by Carol Kubrican.


Suzanne Harrington-Cole shows her painted hutch.


Karen Tomajan created this Friendship Hutch in the workshop in Benicia, taught by Carol Kubrican.


Members of the MiniCals Club (San Jose) make reindeer antlers during lunchtime at their fundraising event.

Barbara Thornton-Hill worked quickly to accept donations from generous mini friends and family. All the while, she coordinated contact with area club members and Paradise club members.

The Mini Cyber Club held a benefit auction during their holiday party to raise money for the miniaturists.

christmas-friendship-hutch-frontCarol Kubrican created the “Friendship Hutch Kit” with proceeds donated to the Paradise club members. To help keep the cost of the kit supplies low, the kits included donated/discounted materials from GCLaser, Evan Designs, and Handley House. Concerned miniaturists purchased the kits from as far away as Australia, England, and New Zealand.

Through the sharing of our time, donations and talents, the miniature community was able to collect over $15,000.

The funds are being dispersed directly to the members of “Our Little Mini Club” in Paradise, California who have lost their homes. A sincere thank you to everyone who donated!

This message was received from one of the club members who lost her home:

“Thank you all for your kindness. I can’t begin to tell how much this means to us. This is the second time that I have lost everything. My home went down in the Humboldt fire. We are all looking forward to someday returning to our favorite hobby. Hugs.” — J.S.

Club members are hoping to meet at the end of January.

Do you wish to donate?

Barbara Thornton-Hill is continuing to accept monetary and gift card donations to the club members, as well as greeting cards and well wishes. Barbara may be reached at Please do not send miniature items at this time.

Donation and event organizers (in alphabetical order):
Luci Hanson, Mini Cyber Club auction organizer
Suzanne Harrington-Cole, Benicia area workshop organizer
Ruth Heisch, MiniCals Club/San Jose area event organizer
Carol Kubrican, Benicia workshop teacher, Friendship Hutch Kit fund raiser
Kay Loudon, Reno area donation organizer
Laura Seibert, Sacramento area event organizer
Barbara Thornton-Hill, donation organizer and Sacramento area event organizer
Karen Tomajan, Benicia area workshop organizer
Nancy Wantiez, Reno area donations organizer
Debbie Zalmana, Reno area donations organizer

This information is offered as a service to the community of miniature enthusiasts. If you know of a miniature related event or have information/photos to share, please contact the N.A.M.E. N2 Region Webmaster.

Fun and Centerpieces at the Sacramento Houseparty

Mealtimes at the Sacramento Houseparty were a chance to view the different centerpieces, win prizes, and spend time with fellow miniaturists.

On Saturday evening, some of the houseparty guests chose to dress for dinner in the spirit of the theme, “ABC’s of Miniatures.”

The centerpieces at the NAME Sacramento Houseparty were created by Vegie MacLean and Liz Driver. Each table contained centerpieces in both 1″ and 1/4″ scales.

Thank you to Trish Billard, Suzanne Harrington-Cole, and Nancy Wantiez for the photos.


1″ and 1/4″ scale textile-theme centerpieces at the Sacramento Houseparty.


1″ and 1/4″ scale garden-theme centerpieces.



1″ scale centerpiece.


1/4″ scale centerpiece.


DIY’ers are dressed for the theme, “ABC’s of Miniatures.”


Barbara Thornton-Hill, Dan Stewart, and Bruce Steinke dressed for the theme.


Dressed like tool bags.

Getting into the DIY-er spirit.

Sacramento HP

Rosie the Riveter gals.

Sacramento Houseparty

“Tool Time” at the Sacramento Houseparty with Barbara Thornton-Hill and Luci Hanson.


A prize from the Sacramento Houseparty.


Theme Dinner, “Tool Time” at the Sacramento Houseparty

2017 Sacramento HousepartyPlease join us for an evening of “Tool Time” with Luci, the Toolperson Hanson and Alberta Thornton-Hill, her loyal assistant and protégé

Friday, March 24, 2017 5:30 PM – 7:15 PM
Fee: $35.00 per registrant (participants must be registered for the NAME Sacramento Houseparty). More info and houseparty registration.

Luci and Al (for short) will take you through several safety tips and useful hints for shortcuts in your toolbox, along with a few unusual tools and uses for tools. This is not your everyday beginners lecture on tools so don’t miss this one.

What is included?:

  •  A full plated dinner
  •  A little entertainment & education from Luci & Al
  • Special Gifts
  • A tool exchange at each table (optional) but fun – bring small tools to swap with the other 9 people at your table and you will receive 9 small tools. Also bring one nicer tool and we’ll play pass the tool present as we do with the regular exchange at the Saturday night banquet. If you’re unsure about this activity just read page 3 of this packet, Houseparty Terminology, about the ban- quet table exchanges except this will be tools (you can never have enough emery boards, rulers, etc.) Non-exchange tables will be available too.
  •  Perhaps a Hostess presentation at your table if there is time.

Questions? contact Janet Smith (575) 532-5432

Download the Theme Dinner Registration form.

Participants must be registered for the NAME Sacramento Houseparty. More info and houseparty registration.