Trish Billard: Cottage at the End of the Lane

Trish exhibited these quarter scale houses at the NAME Sacramento Houseparty. Her description of the project:

“These three houses replicate the illustrations in “The Cottage at the End of the Lane, ” children’s dollhouse story by Elaine Mills. Debbie Young designed and built the kits and taught them as a series of classes. I bought the kits and altered them to even more closely resemble the houses in the story. All three houses have working lights powered from a battery pack hidden within the house. I made all the dolls. The crowded house alone has seventeen of them! Also made most of the animals.”

cottage at the end of the lane

Trish Billard created these houses from Debbie Young’s kits based on the books, “A Cottage at the End of the Lane.”


Christmas room

Diane Ruess: Quarter Scale Scenes

Diane exhibited several of her quarter scale projects at the NAME Sacramento Houseparty. Diane is from Redding, California.

creekside studio

Diane created this house from a kit by Suzanne and Andrew’s Miniatures. The house is called, “Creekside Studio.”


“Steamboat Folly,” a kit from Sue Herber. Diane filled it with artists kits from The Betterleys.


shoe house

Diane created the shoe house and landscape from a kit by Suzanne and Andrew’s Miniatures.


Christmas room

A 1/4 scale version of Brooke Tucker’s Christmas room created from a kit by Susan Karatjas. The box is by Lucy Hansen.

True2Scale Workshop Announced

1/4 Scale Kids’ Clubhouse


True2Scale Workshop: 1/4 Scale Kids’ Clubhouse


Interior of the clubhouse

In this workshop, we’ll recreate the bygone days when kids spent their summers playing pirates, cowboys and Indians; practicing with a slingshot, and playing checkers. As we reminisce about our childhood summers, we’ll assemble a 1/4 scale clubhouse, learn aging techniques for the exterior and interior, create “overgrown” landscaping, and have fun with local miniaturists. You’ll take home a completed structure and extra aging products. Cost: $80. Includes everything shown and lunch.

Saturday, August 20, 2016, 10 am – 3 pm
Petaluma, CA 

Email Carol for more info or sign up online.

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