Rhona Lee: The Grand Ballroom

roombox photo

“The Grand Ballroom” is Rhona Lee’s tribute to the creative genius of Bluette Meloney.

“The Grand Ballroom” was designed by Bluette Meloney and completed by Rhona Lee. Rhona states, “This majestic room depicts the far end of an opulent hotel ballroom, featuring three back-lighted stained glass windows, two balconies and a faux marble floor.” Rhona exhibited the piece at the Good Sam Show.

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Rhona Lee: Set of Mini Lingerie

Rhona Lee participated in the MiniCals “Making Lingerie” workshop taught by Ruth Heisch. Rhona made a corset, bra, nightie, pantaloons, petticoat, and decorated the items with silk roses.


Lingerie by Rhona Lee. Created in the MiniCals “Making Lingerie” Workshop taught by Ruth Heisch.



Corset by Rhona Lee. 


Close-up of the corset by Rhona Lee. 


Corset Front.

Photos from the MiniCals “Making Lingerie” Workshop

The MiniCals club hosted a workshop on January 21, 2017. Ruth Heisch taught participants how to make a corset, panties & bra, nightie, bloomers or pantaloons, petticoats, and decorating with silk roses. In addition to making the lingerie, students received a mannequin, a vintage corset box, a glue applicator and a rose maker.

Thank you to Rhona Lee for the photos.

Sample lingerie pieces

Sample lingerie pieces at the MiniCals 2017 “Making Lingerie” Workshop with Ruth Heisch.

Margaret Crossland and Betty Jang

Margaret Crossland and Betty Jang make lingerie pieces.

Lynne Hoffman

Lynne Hoffman hanging out and making her mini lavender.


Lingerie by Rhona Lee.

Diane Piziali

Diane Piziali makes lingerie pieces.

Juanita Landa

Juanita Landa cuts out the lingerie pieces.