Sacramento Houseparty is Accepting Donations

2017 Sacramento HousepartyThe NAME Sacramento Houseparty is looking for donations for door prizes, houseparty helpers and tote bag favors. Donations help to make our houseparty an exciting experience for all. Please consider donating your miniatures, tools, materials, etc. for other miniaturists to enjoy.

Door Prizes

Door Prizes are a wonderful part of any Convention, especially if there are enough for everyone to receive one. Isn’t it delightful to hear your number called and realize you’re about to receive an unexpected gift?

With that in mind, we are asking for your help, along with your club members and other mini friends to donate a door prize(s) in 1” and/or 1⁄4” scales

The guidelines are simple:
1. Door Prizes don’t have to be theme related.
2. The value of each Door Prize should be between $10 and $50.
3. Door Prizes should be unwrapped and identified with your name and address.
4. Think of Door Prizes as a gift that you would be proud to give and thrilled to receive.

Please download, complete and return the form below by January 17, 2017 to be recognized in our Souvenir Book. You are welcome to still donate after this date, but it will only be recognized by its winner.)

Download the form.

Mail this completed form to:

Ruth Heisch
7197 Wooded Lake Dr. San Jose CA 95120

If you would like more information about door prizes, contact Ruth.

Houseparty Helpers

Help to make the 2017 N2 Regional Houseparty, “ABCs of Miniatures” a huge success. We are looking for donations to be raffled at the end of the Saturday night banquet. It would be great to have ‘theme’ related items, but any donations in any scale will be most welcome!

Donated helpers are designer and/or handcrafted items valued at $150.00 or more. Items valued less than $150.00 are gladly accepted and will be combined with other donated items to make their combined value reach $150.00 or will be utilized in other fund raising activities.

Companies, clubs, shops or individuals may donate a vignette, room box, dollhouse or a very special piece of furniture or accessories. Cash may also be donated for a shopping spree in the Sales Room.

Houseparty Helper tickets will be sold on all donated items, with the proceeds used to benefit NAME. We hope you will share your talents, creativity and generosity in your donations to make the 2017 Houseparty Helpers a success.

If you wish to participate and be recognized in the Souvenir Book, please return or email the completed form below, along with a picture of your donation, to Ginger Anderson no later than January 17, 2017.

Please download the houseparty helper form, complete the form and send it to:
Ginger Anderson
515 E Carefree Hwy #113 Phoenix, AZ 85085

Tote Bag favors

Tote Bag favors are small, inexpensive, well-crafted gifts donated by clubs or individuals and given to each registrant. We will be filling 250 Tote Bags. We realize that not everyone will be able to donate 250 items, but we would appreciate a minimum of 100 of any one favor. Though this form should be mailed by January 17,2017, You should plan for your favors to arrive at the address below no later than February 20. 2017. This will allow us time to fill the bags.

Please feel free to use your own ideas for favors. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Mini Rulers
  • Mini X actos
  • Mini cutting mats
  • Mini Paint bottles
  • Mini Glue jigs
  • Mini cans of stain
  • Mini Xacto blades
  • Plastic boxes out of pill containers
  • Mini Dremel tool
  • Mini Saw blades
  • Mini or real size Tweezers
  • Mini needle nose Pilers
  • Sanding block
  • Mini paper towels
  • Mini work light
  • Tool holder
  • Mini or real size Paint brushes
  • Small project in process
  • Tiny plastic bags
  • Sid sticks, real size
  • Snacks for your workbench-real or mini
  • Boxes of scrap wood – mini
  • Mini strips of wood
  • Mini chopper
  • Mini glue bottles
  • Mini wood bin
  • Mini work apron
  • Mini waxed paper

To receive recognition in the souvenir book and to let us know you intend to participate, please complete and return the form below by January 17, 2017 to:

Download the form.

Carol Carton 13184 Hoot Owl Rd.., Nevada City, CA 95959

More info about the Sacramento Houseparty is available here.

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