Call for Volunteers for the Sacramento Houseparty

2017 Sacramento Houseparty

Help to make the Sacramento Houseparty a success! The following volunteers are needed: 


The Gold Star volunteer program allows you to earn a Gold Star Pin for volunteering a minimum of two hours during the Houseparty. If you volunteer for multiple jobs, it will be greatly appreciated, but you will be given only one Gold Star Pin. Please consider being a part of the Houseparty Behind the Scenes Workforce by completing and returning this form to be a Gold Star Volunteer. If you prefer a volunteer job that allows for sitting, please check the appropriate line on the form below. First timers are not only welcome, but are encouraged to volunteer, as this is a great way to meet other miniaturists. Remember to check the enclosed Houseparty Schedule to determine your availability. Your volunteer schedule will be included in the packet you receive at Registration; however, if you include your email address, we will confirm your volunteer assignment in advance. Please return your form by January 17, 2017 so that you can be formally acknowledged. However, we will accept forms up to and at registration.

Please download the form here, complete the form and send to:

Barbara Fairbanks 
4698 N. Zediker Sanger, CA 93657-9124


You are invited to serve as a host/hostess for “ABCs of Miniatures.” We are looking for friendly, outgoing people who can make others feel welcome. Meals have always been one of the highlights of the NAME Conventions, offering an opportunity to make new friends and get reacquainted with old friends to share our mutual love of miniatures. Meals are fun times packed with good food, favors, prizes, gift exchanges and souvenirs.

We are looking for friendly, outgoing people to act as hosts/hostesses to lead the fun at each table. The job includes:

  1. You must attend all three meal functions.
  2. You must attend a brief meeting at least a half hour prior to each meal for directions.
  3. You will be asked to pick up a bag containing souvenirs and an attendance list.
  4. You will greet each guest at your table, introduce them to each other, and make them feel welcome.
  5. You must have a good time and smile a lot.
  6. After the meal, you personally must return the attendance sheet, and souvenirs & gifts for table mates who did not attend the meal, to the Host/Hostess Chairperson. This is critical for Operations to confirm who the remaining souvenirs and gifts should be shipped to or held for.

All Hosts/Hostesses will receive a Gold Star Volunteer Pin. If you would like to sit with a group of your friends and serve as a Host/Hostess, please return the “Advanced Table Seating” form along with the form below. Be sure that your friends have registered for the same scale as you have. Everyone must sit at a table (1/4” or 1”) that they originally registered for.

If this sounds like something you would like to do, please download the form, complete it, and return by January 17, 2017 to:

Leslie Swager
PO Box 1090, West Point CA 95255-1090

We appreciate your assistance in making our houseparty a success!

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