Theme Luncheons at the Sacramento Houseparty

2017 Sacramento HousepartySaturday, March 25, 2017 12:00 PM – 1:30 PM

TLS1 – The Antique Dolls’ Houses and Miniature Structures of Moritz Gottschalk by Lew Kummerow $130.50 Moritz Gottschalk was one of the more prolific of the early toy makers, and his business was one of the most long lasting companies. He created nu- merous small structures including dolls’ houses, stables, kitchens, shops and other unusual items that were representative of the changing periods from the late 1800’s to WWII. Today his antique pieces can be seen in museums and are also part of many private collections. Each attendee will receive a miniature of one of Gottschalk’s rarer pieces.

TLS2 – Powering Your Miniatures with LED by Luci Hanson $80.50 Now that LED has been around a while many are ready to learn about what can be done with it and how they can apply it to their homes, rooms and displays. Join Luci as she shares how to mix LED lighting with the olds style lighting. Learn about the latest innovations and supplies that are availa- ble to use in miniature displays and dollhouses. Learn how to convert some of your old lamps and lighting to LED lighting. Luci will also share with you how to adapt some of the old style components with LED lighting. You will receive a 9-volt power system, a 3-volt power system, a 12-volt power system and lights to go with each system as a gift for attending.

TLS3 – ABC’s of Small Scale Food by Janet Smith $85.50 Come hear about the ABC’s of making small scale foods. We’ll discuss different clays, paints, glues, tools, materials, etc. Go home with a quarter scale replica of a luncheon based on the actual luncheon for the day as well as a printed booklet with all the information covered during the luncheon. You will receive a quarter scale luncheon based on the actual luncheon menu that you will be served.

TLS4 – Capturing Your Miniatures Using Photography & 3D Scanning by Ruth & Dan Stewart $114.50 Explore your world of capturing miniatures with us. Learn about ways to improve your photographs and explore new methods of capturing or creating your miniatures in 3D. Questions are encouraged so bring your list! You will have a choice of a 1” or 1⁄4” 3D special made item you won’t want to miss!

To attend the Theme Luncheons, participants must be registered for the NAME Sacramento Houseparty. More info and houseparty registration.

Download the Theme Luncheon Registration form.

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