A Free Project, Giveaway, and a Discount

alcohol inks

Alcohol inks create interesting patterns on mini dishes.

Free Project
A new mini project has been posted on the NAME Special Events page. Jane Sanem has provided instructions for creating interesting patterns and effects on miniature dishes using alcohol inks.

Read the tutorial here. The instructions are based on NAME Region A1 Regional Coordinator, Barbara Anderson’s workshop.

Giveaway items

Jane Sanem is offering a giveaway.

Jane is having a giveaway. If you would like to take part in the drawing, email Jane, and put “Alcohol Ink” in the subject line. The deadline to enter your name in the drawing is March 20th, 2017.


Supplies needed for the project.

Discount on Miniatures and Craft Supplies
Looking for dishes to use alcohol inks on? Factory Direct Craft is offering a 15% discount on all purchases. They offer white porcelain platers, bowls, teapots, etc. The 15% discount is good through May 21, 2017. Enter MINIATURES as the coupon code to receive the discount.

This information is offered as a service to the community of miniature enthusiasts. If you know of a miniature related event or have information/photos to share, please contact the N.A.M.E. N2 Region Webmaster.

One thought on “A Free Project, Giveaway, and a Discount

  1. Jeanne Christofferson says:

    What a charming project!! I tried to send an email to Jane, but the address came up “Email Jane”… which wouldn’t work… Thank you, Jane for sharing this delightful project!!


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