Photos from the True2Scale Pie Pickup Workshop

Participants in the pie pickup workshop created 1:48 accessories to go with their food trucks. The workshop, offered by Carol Kubrican (True2Scale), was held on February 2, 2018, in Petaluma, California.

Lisa and Paula Holm treated everyone to homemade pies and ice cream.


Lisa Holm


Pie 1

The finished pie pickup by Diane Ruess.

pie 2


Cindy Bottasso


Diane Ruess, Sharon Mossman, Lisa Holm, Paula Holm


Karen Tomajan


Barbara Thorton-Hill, Lisa Holm, Lisa Panken


Lori Turner-Dolinsek


Lisa Holm shows her life-size handiwork.

This information is offered as a service to the community of miniature enthusiasts. If you know of a miniature related event or have information/photos to share, please contact the N.A.M.E. N2 Region Webmaster.

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