Margaret Gordus: Remakes of Projects Lost in the Camp Fire

Using gifts from miniature friends, Margaret was able to complete these projects that she lost in the 2018 Camp Fire.

Margaret writes:
Members of “the miniature world” made it possible for me to complete the little girl’s room, toy shop & Oriental room. There are no truer words than, “Only through sharing can we really enjoy our treasures.”

Margaret’s club had made the gypsy wagon as a project. Club member, Melba Wellsfry, gave Margaret an unfinished wagon, which Margaret completed as a gift for her son.
Interior of the Gypsy wagon.
The little girl’s room includes a NAME Day project.
This corner room box showcases NAME Day kits.
Margaret’s “Oriental” Room.
Toy shop
The interior of the toy shop.

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One thought on “Margaret Gordus: Remakes of Projects Lost in the Camp Fire

  1. Carole Neumann says:

    Margaret Gordus does such wonderful work making her miniature rooms. Fascinating that she puts into her dsigns so many details. I’ve thought about Margaret and her beautiful works many times since that awful, destructive fire. Good to know she is busy doing the things she loves and does so well.


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