Upcoming MiniCals Workshops

MiniCals will be offering 2 new workshops this spring. Workshops will take place at M&L Precision, 18665 Madrone Pkwy, Morgan Hill, California. Please bring a lunch. A beverage will be provided. To attend, please contact Ruth Heisch as soon as possible.

Ladies Notions Table; April 23, 2022

Join Patricia Perlhefter of Patricia’s Miniature Mania in making a beautiful ladies notions table with old lace. Patricia will be giving lots of extras to clear her inventory for retirement. Plenty to make extras!!  Cost: $68

A perfect addition to the Ladies Notions Table is a workshop given by Cynthia Howe on June 4, 2022. More details to come.

Western Shabby Chic; May 21, 2022

Build a barn door with bench, milk can, wagon wheel and making sunflowers and smaller flowers.  A lovely completed vignette. Cost:$25

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