Photos from the Steampunk Doll Workshop

Students created a steampunk doll during the 2018 Good Sam Academy of Miniatures, held after the Good Sam Show in San Jose, CA. The workshop was taught by Dana Burton, of Miniature Art.


Margo, a romantic steampunk figure.


IMG_1493 (2)

Anne Villalobos & Juanita Landa (Students)

IMG_1490 (2)

Jil Weisz (Artisan and Dana Burton’s sister) and Betty Jang (Student)

IMG_1489 (2)

Dana Burton (Instructor)

IMG_1496 (2)

Pepper Williams (Student)

More information about the Good Sam Academy of Miniatures and the Good Sam Show.

This information is offered as a service to the community of miniature enthusiasts. If you know of a miniature related event or have information/photos to share, please contact the N.A.M.E. N2 Region Webmaster.


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